I Opendoor I
Brand Design
A sample of my work developed for the Opendoor brand.
I  Touring Product Explainer Videos  I
How do you educate 6 million home shoppers on how to visit, unlock, and even buy a home—all with their smartphone? That’s a great question, because—thanks to Opendoor—the process for touring, visiting, and buying a home is now completely different than it used to be. And that’s why, as with any big change, people needed some help shifting their mental model. So we made a couple step-by-step product explainer videos to help walk folks through the new process of unlocking and visiting homes with their phone.
Role: Art Direction & VFX Design  I  CD: Adam Starr  I  Producer: Jen Williams 

I  Opendoor recruiting video  I
Opendoor is transforming real estate and giving people an easy way to buy, sell, and trade-in their homes. With this ambitious mission, Opendoor needs the right talent and culture to do so. This video is in effort of this.
Growth marketing
Increase engagement and performance to drive more qualified leads to our site without sacrificing cost  (increasing CPA) or volume (offers).
Role: Art Direction & Design  I  Copy: Robbie Bernal  I  Animation: Alan Roll
Display ads
Increase engagement and performance to drive more qualified leads to our site.
Role: Art Direction & Design  I   Illustration & animation: Stefan Schuch
Role: Art Director & Design  I  Copy: Adam Starr
Organic social marketing
Increase engagement and true brand awareness on social channels. 
Role: Design  I  Copy: Robbie Bernal  I  Illustration: Stefan Schuch  
Careers page 
Opendoor is scaling at a rapid speed making finding the right talent a top priority. I was tasked to rethink the careers page to make sure it communicates company values, culture and offer talent a place to call home.
Role: Design  I  Copy: Adam Starr  I  Illustration: Stefan Schuch  

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