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Weebly powered by square is a website builder that makes it easy to create websites, blogs & online stores
To empower sellers, we developed 'Out of the Office'. OOTO is a branded content series highlighting entrepreneurs having conversations around the future of work and the importance of having online presence/ecommerce. This was in effort of positioning square as a platform that understands and supports entrepreneurs both IRL and URL.
The pilot episode highlights the creative entrepreneurship community in Portland, Oregon.
My role: Art Direction I Team: Alexis Contos, Natasha Buckie Agency: Lake-retreat

I Intro I
I Chapter 1 I
Portland Collaboration
I Chapter 2 I
Analog vs Digital
I Chapter 3 I
Guts vs Data

I 30's I
"32 people have a job because I decided to roll a dice on my self" 
— Glynis Olson I Owner, Finger bang nails
I 30's I
"You're not really reinventing yourself...You're just becoming better at yourself" 
— Nick Armour I Co-founder, KURE
I 30's I
"It's not that I don't want this (working 9-5), It's that I want that (working for yourself) ...because this is what's going to make me happy" 
— Ian Williams I Owner, Deadstock Coffee

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